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This is the second part of my convention reports. The convention was Rainfurrest, an anthropomorphic fandom (Furry) convention held at the SeaTac Marriot Hotel form 18 through 20 September of this year.  Like Kumoicon, I decided to by Big kitty everywhere and had taken pictures with various attendees. One other reason I took pictures with my Big Hello Kitty plush, was to avoid the clichéd “stop and pose” shots.

Friday morning was a blur. I woke up on time; Soon the morning became a flurry of sending orders, receiving my check and cashing it, and getting a tank of gas. I did not leave Portland until 11:30. By this time, it clear I was going to miss opening ceremony. Got to the hotel around 2:50pm just in time to jump into Gesture Drawing workshop and. The next panel on clothing I skipped out when the panelist could not get equipment; this was the second year in a row a panel was delayed due to no equipment.
Latter, I checked in to the hotel and moved into my room. I also picked up a bag for the plushie costume contest. Originally, I was going to use a Dear Daniel plush but I decided to use because the minimum height was ten inches. The plushie masquerade works like this. On Friday, each contestant picks up a mystery bag. The contestant can only use the items in the bag and must create a costume by the Variety Show on Saturday night. I got Blue cloth and lace plus a few buttons. Latter I had dinner at Claim Jumpers (over price Applebee’s). I sat through a Ranting 2 performance. Not that I liked all his jokes, but I had to experience him once and participated in the art jam.

Saturday I went to a few panels and spent a good deal of time working on my creation. Like Kumoricon, the anime convention, I took my big Hello Kitty everywhere I went and had fursuiters and other attendees pose with her for pictures. I even got a picture Uncle Kage holding my big kitty. Feeling something was missing, I commissioned an artist to make big Hello Kitty a con badge.  Now Big Hello Kitty is a member of the furry fandom. One advantage of entering the plushie masquerade is I got a front row seat for the Varity Show. The judging of the contest happens before the show.  I went with Sanrio marketing failure: Middle Eastern Hello Kitty and won the contest; my prize is a free membership for Rainfurrest 2010. This was kind of a shock and upset, going against some good costumers. 

On Sunday the only panels I went to the watercolors and meet the board of directors. I took the afternoon noon off and went down to South Center Mall to check out the new Sanrio store and note another store mentioned on another site was closed.

Fursuitter I

New Friend

Full report with pictures can be found here

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