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MY Last Post on Adult Male Kittyler

It is my conclusion that Sanrio Digital terminated Hello Kitty Online Game. I posted leave my Eulogy for Hello Kitty Online on my blog.

With the concussion of the game, this will be my last post on my Sanrio Town blog.
I will still be actively posting to my Wordpress Blog The Kittylers Mew
After a post I may chose become inactive on the forums.
It was fun while it lasted.

Lordy Lordy Kitty and Mimmy are 40

Today is Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday. It is my tradition to fire Up Hello Kitty Online and say happy birthday to Kitty White and her sister Mimmy. I know Kitty get all the attention and Mimmy was revealed later.
No need to write a long retrospective . There a lot of that in the media because of Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary and Kitty Con 2014. One new story did get my ire, Business Week’s piece Hello Kitty a Victim of Disney’s Frozen Juggernaut. This is pure poppycock. Hello Kitty has been around for 40 years. Frozen is hot in 2014 but I guarantee you Frozen will be in the Yard sale bin five years later. Toy Story and Lilo and Stitch were the big thing years ago, but where are they now, are they big as Hello Kitty? Come back to this article in ten years and tell me who remembers Frozen. There still will be Hello Kitty fans who grew up with her.
I noticed one thing with curt rumblings at Kitty Con and the Hello Kitty Men project: can 2015 be the year of the Male Hello Kitty Fan? I hope so.
Speaking of anniversary, 2014 is another but more sober anniversary, the go love date for Hello Kitty Online. The game had potential but fell in despair due to mismanagement . I( I am currently writing a separate post on this). Today there was no party or event for Hello Kitty on HKO like years past. Of all days, I ran into a fellow player from the beta days. We were the only two.
Still Happy Birthday Minny and Kitty.
Bappy Birthday IHappy Birthday II

2013 Convention reports so far

It been a while since I cross posted convention reports so far I been to the following cons. Furlanida Portland’s First Furry convention. Wonder North West, GearCon, My first Steampunk Con, and Kumoricon

One notable quote happen at the Podcast panel at Wonder Northwest: I officially have a convention reputation as the guy that carries the big Hello Kitty Plush.

At Kumoricon I did a panel called the world of Sanrio and Hello Kitty at Kumoricon, Portland / Vancouver premiere Anime Convention over the labor day weekend. I had 54 in attendance; that is I was running against the popular Masquerade and Cosply contest. That was 27 time better than the attendance at Furlandia. Feed back has been very good.

Clicking on the convention name will take you to  Con report with pictures

Hello Kitty In Space or Should I Say Stratosphere

By now only a few on this earth has not heard of how a 7th grader, Lauren Rojas, has sent Hello Kitty Plush 93,000 feet up in the stratosphere as part of a science project.
Having looked at the video, she did an excellent job of presetting her experiment during the flight, the pictures are spectacular and hello kitty in her rocket is just so cute. The rocket parachuted back to earth 47 miles from the launch point, in a tree; a likely place for a kitty. Hello Kitty is safe and sound back on Earth. The video went viral and new report has been seen all over the world and on National TV.

Not to detract from Ms. Rojas feat, some in the media is reporting this is Hello Kitty’s first trip into (or near space). That honor really should go to Melissa whose Hello Kitty has flown with The Expedition 9 Crew in 2004. I quote from part of that post.

“This is to certify that Hello Kitty accompanied the Expedition 9 Crew in their long duration space mission aboard the International Space Station. This item was flown for the wonderful Melissa (last name omitted for obvious reasons).

The Expedition 9 Crew was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan on April 19, 2004, at 9:19 a.m., aboard the Russian Soyuz Spacecraft TMA-4, and return to Kazakhstan on October 24, 2004, at 6:35 a.m. aboard the Soyuz Spacecraft TMA-4.”

I also thought Hello Kitty as Soyuz crew mascot aka Micro Gravity Indicator some time ago.

Still way to go Lauren for Hello Kitty first altitude Balloon mission.

Watch the Mission

Full Report : Hello Kitty says hello to space, thanks to Antioch teen’s science project

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