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Hello Kitty Blogs… yay!

Omg… I am a blog fanatic. My livejournal (if anyone cares) is jocelynxheart. You can find random updates on my life, mainly about what I’m doing at school, there.

I am super pumped to see Tennessee William’s “Glass Menagerie” tomorrow night. It’s probably one of the best plays every written, one of my favourites anyway. Its an honors production done by my school, so not only will it be spectacular, but it will be free as well. Yes!

Arg! So much freaking noise! The people above me are having loud sex (like they do all the freaking time) and the people that live to the left of my apartment are listening to very loud Vietnamese T.V. Not that I have anything against Vietnamese T.V., but it’s frustrating to hear all of this talking that I don’;t understand. Hell.

Alright then, I’m off to bed for tonight. Later. ;D

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  1. Says:

    what’s a livejournal used for, or what do you do there?

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