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Exam- a-riffic

April 10th, 2007 by

I just wrote my final exam for ‘American Literary History’. I hope it went well. I also handed in my final project, my pre-pre-maters thesis. Lol… a mini thesis type deal that you have to do in one of your 3000 level English courses, to prepare you to do your pre-masters thesis in a 4000 level course, and then your master’s thesis in a 5000 level course, etc. Anywho….. it was 150 pages, and on the politics of being a woman in 19th century America, as recorded in 19th century American poetry. I really hope my prof likes it… arg!

Polish and Ukrainian History

December 4th, 2006 by

Interesting stuff, but some of the names are so hard to spell.  I am actually so sick of studying for this exam.  Anywho, other than that, not much has happened.  In this last week, all I have done is study, work, eat, sleep, and dance.

I saw Chris yesterday.  Snuggled a lot and studied together.  <3.

study study study…

December 1st, 2006 by

Oh, the joys of exam week.  Lucky me, this term I only have two three credit hour courses, and so only two exams.  :D  All of my professors for ym six credit hour courses decided to give midterm paper assingments rather than exams, which is very fine by me.   Midterm papers= nice and spread out.  Not stressful.  Yay!  Exams left to study for: 1.) history of poland and ukraine 2.) integrating information technology for educators.  Papers left to write: Fundamentals of Literary Study midterm, Possibly considering comparing the role of Lucifer in the novel to that of a trickster figure in first nations myths…. not certain though.

 On dec 13th. I have my first meeting with my contact person from the school I start student teaching in next term.  W0ot.  Inter city highschool anyone?  Damn, I wish I didn’t look like a 12 year old…

Other news: roomate= stressed.  me= stressed.  Apartment= tense.  Very, very tense.  My boyfriend is the editor of the paper his college prints.  It’s a great paper, very professional- like and such.  He is on a huge power trip over this.  It’s cute.

 If I have to memorize one more slavic name….

Hello Kitty Blogs… yay!

November 21st, 2006 by

Omg… I am a blog fanatic. My livejournal (if anyone cares) is jocelynxheart. You can find random updates on my life, mainly about what I’m doing at school, there.

I am super pumped to see Tennessee William’s “Glass Menagerie” tomorrow night. It’s probably one of the best plays every written, one of my favourites anyway. Its an honors production done by my school, so not only will it be spectacular, but it will be free as well. Yes!

Arg! So much freaking noise! The people above me are having loud sex (like they do all the freaking time) and the people that live to the left of my apartment are listening to very loud Vietnamese T.V. Not that I have anything against Vietnamese T.V., but it’s frustrating to hear all of this talking that I don’;t understand. Hell.

Alright then, I’m off to bed for tonight. Later. ;D

Hello world!

November 21st, 2006 by

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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