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Hello Kitty Stickers + Book

June 12th, 2010 by abramiles:hellokitty.com

My boyfriend sent me a Hello Kitty sticker book with a box of stickers. As soon as I have most (if not all) of them put into the book, I will scan them along with some other HK stickers that I own. =^.^=


April 4th, 2010 by abramiles:hellokitty.com

I decided that I should start playing HKO again after being away from it for quite some time. I hope that I will have time to continue playing after the holiday weekend is over. I have been very busy with university! =^.^=

I found a cute boat today in the tutorial area.

Inside Tuxedo Sam’s House. He’s so cute!


April 4th, 2010 by abramiles:hellokitty.com

Happy Easter, everyone! =^.^=

Hello Kitty Water Bottle

March 27th, 2010 by abramiles:hellokitty.com

I am now the proud owner of a Hello Kitty water bottle. It was shipped to me from the wonderful Steve. He bought it for me because I am always complaining about being cold. This is the perfect solution!


January 10th, 2010 by abramiles:hellokitty.com

I once read some where that one of the best ways you can become a successful person is to mimic successful people. In terms of the internet, most of the people I know of who are successful in life do not share everything about their lives in places where everyone can see. They instead prefer to keep things behind privacy settings, and I think it’s a very good idea. Strangers shouldn’t be given access to blog posts about your personal life or know where you are, and what you are doing, 24/7. Too many people share way too much about themselves in blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and many other mediums. Many of the people who are trolled or bullied over the web are usually being attacked because they really ought to keep more things as “friend’s only”.

So remember, be safe and do not share personal information in your Hello Kitty blog. Keep the blog for sharing other things! Be safe! =^_^=

New Halloween Theme for 2009

October 27th, 2009 by abramiles:hellokitty.com

It’s this year’s Halloween theme is so adorable! Don’t you think so too? I might keep it for a little while after Halloween is over. =^_^=

Missing Pictures

October 4th, 2009 by abramiles:hellokitty.com

I just updated my Photo Bucket account a few days ago. I did a lot of organizing, so there will be a lot of pictures that are now listed as deleted or missing.

Hello Kitty Dim Sum Ramen

September 21st, 2009 by abramiles:hellokitty.com

I wanted to share the pictures of the Hello Kitty ramen that a friend sent me! It tastes really, really good! =^.^=

The ramen comes with a Hello Kitty sticker!

Hello Kitty Gifts!

September 19th, 2009 by abramiles:hellokitty.com

I wanted to share some of the Hello Kitty gifts I received this month for my birthday, which was on Sept. 7th. =^_^=

Hello Kitty ramen and Hello Kitty hard candies.

The Hello Kitty candy. The flavours are…

Pink = Strawberry

Green = Lime

Purple = Grape

Yellow = Lemon

Hello Kitty Pez! In strawberry, raspberry, and orange!

Hello Kitty iPhone App

September 1st, 2009 by abramiles:hellokitty.com



clipped from www.intomobile.com

Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise hits the AppStore


Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise


Hereâ™s one more iPhone title for Hello Kitty fans around the world. In the game called Hello Kitty Parachute Paradise you maneuver the famous character to safety as she parachutes through dangerous obstacles. While falling, you should collect various items, which youâ™ll later use to, guess what, decorate Hello Kittyâ™s room.


Yap, the game is for hard-core fans, only, and also features other characters such as My Melody, Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, Pochacco, Cinnamoroll and Corocorokuririn. There are 9 stages with various levels of difficulty to complete, and an additional mini game for competing with friends to see who can jump the highestâ¦


Enough said. AppStore link is here, from where you can grab the game for $4.99. A short demo video follows after the jump.

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