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Because I miss everybody, and…

Monday, February 8th, 2010

…because I saw this, which made me melt for a good 2 and a half minutes:

BoxPiggy by Rosie (dominicanmami89)

A cute little BoxPig drawing by Rosie (dominicanmami89), click the image to visit. This just gave me the happies today. ♥

It’s over, again. Thank you.

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

This chapter of our little fairy tale has ended, and they’ve awaken from the dream. One by one they disappeared from our sight, leaving the rest of us behind in Sanrio Land. They’ve once again saved the day, for us and for our guest Cupid, and now it’s time for them to go back to their own worlds, carry out their own stories as we go on with ours.

Byebye Happy Hearts

Once again, I’ve had the privilege of playing not only as a GM, but as a friend (thanks to everyone who treated me as one!). I made even more friends, and had many special little moments with special people. I can’t wait to see them again.

Thank you for the wonderful time, and Cupid sends his regards to all of you. We hope to see you in our next adventure, and for the mean time, I hope you’ll all keep in touch. Miss you already!

A Wonderful White Christmas

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

So we’ve come to another close. During the celebration, New York was full of people, running around in a hurry as people do in Christmastime — except they weren’t out for Christmas shopping! The mission was to finish their quests, get enough cash for the item mall, and make sure not to miss any part of the great city. I for one, loved Central Park!

GM Abby practices skating…

Counting down to the last few minutes, it was all too familiar. It was a happy few minutes because everyone was there and it was all so… Christmasy.But sad, because I knew what would happen at the end of the countdown.

Last 4 Minutes

Well, I’m sure you all already know this, but I miss you guys already. If we didn’t see each other in-game during the Reunion, I miss you more! But anyway, let’s take the happy memories with us, shall we? ;] Thank you so much for spending time with us! It’s been awesome, I cannot ask for a better group of players. Merry Christmas everyone! *hugs*

New event in HKO tonight?

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I hear some news carried around in the cold office AC-generated wind, that something’s about to happen tonight (US time). Gasp! What could it possibly be? I have no idea!


…Kidding, I know all about it! X] But don’t worry, you’re about to find out in a matter of hours, so stay tuned for news on the HKO Event blog. A patch update should be coming up for that and some other things too, so stay tuned!

Founders, sound off!

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
HKO Founders Unite!

First of all, I’d like to give you all a big virtual hug, and say congratulations to everyone who was chosen as a Founder for HKO! How quickly you all respond to our announcements, and at what scale, truly amazes me and warms my heart still.

Oh btw, if you haven’t received your email, don’t despair! As mentioned before, we’re doing our best to make room for everyone, because quite frankly we want to see as many people as possible in the game. We can’t wait to see you all in the game on October 8!

It’s gonna be extra fun, I promise. Ask Neverender why. :]

(P.S. Don’t worry about the pink mailbox, he just needs some rest. :P)

The Grand Order of the BoxPig

Friday, September 5th, 2008
I’ve come to honor the keepers of the great power that is BoxPig. So here they are, without further ado, in random order—



Tidesong's crochet BoxPig


BakaOhki a.k.a. Tom



And to you all, for your outstanding contributions to the HKO community, I offer you this badge to display proudly on your blogs, or wherever:
The Grand Order of the BoxPig

Welcome! And continue to act for our cause (You guys are the best!).

Meet my new BoxPig pet!

Monday, June 16th, 2008
This isn’t another screenshot from Closed Beta. As you all know, my favorite item and pet in the game is the Boar pet, otherwise called “Cardboard Box Pig” by me. BoxPig for short. And now, I’d like you to meet my new pet~

Laurence Fishburne

He’s made out of… you guessed it, cardboard! He’s just over 2 inches tall, and completely DIY. :]

Watch out for the step-by-step procedure on how to make him yourself! It’s really simple and I’ll be providing the pattern that I used. I’ll be sharing that maybe in my next post, so till then~!

Technorati tags: boar, pet, hello kitty online, paper, cardboard, crafts, diy, hko

What’s cooking?

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I was rummaging through some random videos I had of the game, and decided to check a video I took of the minigame called “Learn Cooking”. I don’t know how many of you got to try it, but I found it really fun, although I wish there were either more recipes per round, or that there were more to making one dish.But have you ever wondered what exactly it is they’re cooking?

Let’s see, with those ingredients…

So, in order to answer this question, I’ve chosen to ignore the fact that there’s water in the pot. So I’ve come up with a couple of possible dishes they could be making:

1. Fried Tomato Soup

In which case, the herb would be basil and the seasoning would be I dunno.. Olive oil. Although that water could be stock. But sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any garlic in that recipe. I’ll let that slide on the grounds that all these should be understood to have garlic already. Haha!

2. Tomato Cream Sauce

Okay this shouldn’t have water, and as the name suggests, it should have cream. So being the stubborn person I am, I will assume that in that pot is a whole lot of blue-colored cream. Hahaha~

3. Spaghetti Sauce

…with everything except meat and well, the pasta. That would explain the water though, maybe they just forgot that they still needed to cook the pasta.

Oooookay, so this is more of a list of food I wish they were cooking. Who can resist tomato cream sauce? And spaghetti? Well if you’ve finished the game, you’ll notice that the end product looks like some sort of stew…

Poor garlic~

Lala standing there, looking so proud of herself~  I hope that stew turned out okay haha!

(Sorry about the garlic bit, but garlic is a must!)

We miss you all already!

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Hi all! It’s me Abby, and I’ve moved my personal blog here from my old test blog. I can honestly say that I miss all the CB testers already. Kani (I helped come up with that nickname ), Tom, Dawn, Kitkat and so many others, it truly was a great Closed Beta especially with great players like you!

My house and farm~

I miss my cupcake house…

So I was having a conversation with the NPCs this morning. I think they were a little confused as to why there weren’t any players around.

“Where are the players?” they ask.

I think Nyago was the most affected. He was the official farm gatekeeper, and everybody used to come to him and he really felt like he was helping a lot of people. I promised them all that we’d see you guys again soon. Peter Davis (the minigames guy) actually scooted over to where we were, I think he felt a little lonely there since there were no players.

But now we must return to the task at hand. A couple of towns nearby are opening soon, and everybody’s busy getting ready!