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Good morning Survivalationators!

Thursday, October 9th, 2008
Hello Kitty Online Flash Tutorial

I do! I love Jed! If you don’t know who he is yet, click this link and watch the new interactive Hello Kitty Online flash tutorial! I’m pretty sure he’s gonna make an impression on you too! :]

But on to more pressing matters… I will see you all in-game, in a few hours! Don’t forget that you need a Founder account to log-in to the game! So excited for you guys, but for now, enjoy the tutorial! Jed awaits!

Keep the Founder emails coming!

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I’ve been reading a lot of posts and comments where players are wondering if they should even bother sending emails now to be HKO Founders, whether because they got the announcement late or because they couldn’t email sooner.

Keep the emails coming!

The response over the weekend was really huge, but now, I’m compelled by my love for all HKO players and supporters to announce this… Don’t lose heart! Just keep sending in those emails! Our mailbox is a hungry pink monster, and he wants more. MORE!

HKO Needs YOU!

Friday, September 12th, 2008
Founders’ Beta

YES. The announcement we’ve been hinting is finally here! October 8, 2008 will officially be the HKO Founders’ Beta! Hop on over to the HKO Official Blog to see just how you can be a Founder, and also get a brief rundown of what the new client has in store!

We know you might have some questions, but we’ll be releasing more information as the days go by. Hello Kitty Online is back! Spread the word! :]

The Grand Order of the BoxPig

Friday, September 5th, 2008
I’ve come to honor the keepers of the great power that is BoxPig. So here they are, without further ado, in random order—



Tidesong's crochet BoxPig


BakaOhki a.k.a. Tom



And to you all, for your outstanding contributions to the HKO community, I offer you this badge to display proudly on your blogs, or wherever:
The Grand Order of the BoxPig

Welcome! And continue to act for our cause (You guys are the best!).

GM Abby returns from pseudo-hiatus.

Monday, August 11th, 2008
Hi all, what have you guys been up to? As for me, been really busy recently, and I’ve missed blogging. To reward myself, over the weekend I bought myself a nice bag, and I’m using it now. I love the feeling of having a new bag (and new shoes) :P

Photo from Ioffer.

Not my picture but it’s the same bag. I’m a sucker for brown shoes, bags and clothes. I don’t know why. :]


In other news, have you seen the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing?

Photo by Apple Daily; via K-Ideas
Photo by Apple Daily; via K-Ideas

I only saw it on TV but it looked so cool. Best opening ceremony I’ve seen. :]


Finally, an update for you guys, SanrioTown and the Hello Kitty Online website are up for some exciting changes real soon. What kind of changes? Well I can’t give any details right now, but we want you guys to get the most out of your HKO experience, even while you’re hopping around in SanrioTown. :]

HKO x Myspace

Friday, July 25th, 2008
Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been updating much, been battling the Deadline Monsters. But anyway. I’ve been squeezing in a little project these past few days, check it out. :]

Myspace SanrioHKO

Yup! HKO now has a Myspace account, you can check that out on The lovely layout is courtesy of

I’ll be keeping this account up for the purpose of connecting Myspace and / SanrioTown, so don’t worry, I’m not “moving” there. I already have our very own Ripplecloud in my friends list, so if you have Myspace, feel free to add this account! And spread the word! :]

Vote for Hello Kitty Online!

Monday, July 14th, 2008
Quick! Hello Kitty Online is on a poll on (that’s one heavy hamster!), so let’s all show our support for HKO!

Vote for HKO!

When you go to their site, you’ll see the poll question “Which Game are You Most Looking Forward to Coming Out in 2008?” on the upper right side of the page. Select Hello Kitty Online and click “Vote!” It’s a tight race to number one, your vote will make a difference!

Thanks everyone~ :]