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A Wonderful White Christmas

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

So we’ve come to another close. During the celebration, New York was full of people, running around in a hurry as people do in Christmastime — except they weren’t out for Christmas shopping! The mission was to finish their quests, get enough cash for the item mall, and make sure not to miss any part of the great city. I for one, loved Central Park!

GM Abby practices skating…

Counting down to the last few minutes, it was all too familiar. It was a happy few minutes because everyone was there and it was all so… Christmasy.But sad, because I knew what would happen at the end of the countdown.

Last 4 Minutes

Well, I’m sure you all already know this, but I miss you guys already. If we didn’t see each other in-game during the Reunion, I miss you more! But anyway, let’s take the happy memories with us, shall we? ;] Thank you so much for spending time with us! It’s been awesome, I cannot ask for a better group of players. Merry Christmas everyone! *hugs*

My Christmas Wishlist

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner — the air’s chilly, there are Christmas lights everywhere, and people seem to be generally happier! Not to mention, there seem to be so much more of them (us) at the malls nowadays.

I’m actually having some trouble finishing my Christmas list, it’s so hard to give gifts nowadays! Or maybe it’s just me — but interests are so diverse now, and I think it’s because there are so many options, that it’s hard to decide!

As for me, I have my own wishlist (not that I’m really asking for any of these from the people I know :P)

Nikon D60

1. A NikonD60 DSLR Camera

“I will be here for you…” by Lukman Kusuma

2. Sleep

3. Good food

Pretty Shoes!

4.  New shoes


5. Time with friends!

I know, only 2 of those are really “valid” wishlist items, but hey I’m easy to please! I’m one of those people who just really like the feel of Christmas, and all the warm fuzzy feelings. So, what’s in your wishlist for this season? Let me know if you posted any lists so I can drop by! :)