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Founders, YOU have the POWER!

Ideas can only be good in theory, and once they’re put into motion in a game like this, things are bound to need some adjustments! So we’ve been looking around regularly in one of the best places to get your feedback, the SanrioTown forums, and we found a lot of urgent concerns.

Oh farm oh farm~

And if they’re important to you, you can be sure they’re important to us, so today the earth will shake!

We’ve been having intense meetings (over coffee, HKO music and a lot of chips) these past few days and have decided on our first batch of improvement-geared updates and gameplay tweaks. You’ll find more details about those on Neverender’s blog. Hop on over!

One thing’s fore sure, guild will be adjusted (On that note, I hereby slap my forehead.)

Btw, please feel free to let us know what you want to see improved in the game. Our email is, and that’s actually a direct line to  your GMs! We also check the forums a whole lot. :]

We’re really thrilled to see you all in-game, old and new faces alike. We made this Founders’ Beta so we could all spend some time with each other even before Open Beta, and of course for special (you-have-no-idea kind of special) events that lead to a fundamental part of Open Beta (stay tuned for that). So even as we line up these improvements for the following days, we hope that you continue to be open to us.

So thank you, truly, for your support and for telling us what you think. After all, this is what Beta is for! Founders, you have the power, and we are glad to be with you as we all shape Open Beta for the rest of the world. :]

10 Responses to “Founders, YOU have the POWER!”

  1. Says:

    Glad you guys are checking the forums!

  2. Says:

    Yeah! Looking forward to the next update. Thanks GMs!

  3. hkfood Says:

    wonderful, great!

  4. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    glad to hear the guild requirements will be adjusted, we primarily want it for the guild chat XD… definitely looking forward to the events that i-have-no-idea about ^_^ … housebuilding, I’ve build enough houses to last me til OB XD heehee… but glad that our sometimes not so polite screams, cries and grumbles are heard… thanks alot Abby and HKO team ^_^!

  5. Says:

    thank you so much Abby! you have no idea how excited i am about these changes! i’m also very intrigued by these special events! thanks again for everything you guys are doing. i have never played a game where the staff have been so wonderful and taken such good care of the players. you guys all deserve some sort of special “best GM’s ever” award.

  6. Says:

    love the guild improvements! and the new announcement line is awesome ^^

  7. Says:

    I miss seeing you in the game Abbby!

  8. ripplecloud•云云 :D Says:

    I never see you in-game Abby! XD

  9. GM Abby Says:

    ZOMG you two are right! :[ Why is that? :’[ We have to see each other in-game before FB ends :o

  10. Says:

    Abby what time are you ingame??

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