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Got Twitter?

I was playing around with my blog and looking for something else to add to the fun of blogging. So now, I set up my Twitter account, and through it I’ll be updating with personal stuff, fun finds, some HKO-related and some just random, and who knows I might even let you in on some clues for Open Beta! You can check that out by clicking this link, and I also made a page here in my blog with my Twitter badge!

Calling all birdwatchers!

Feel free to follow me, and if you leave me a note I’ll follow you back. ;]

And, a special treat for (me and) everyone else who’s interested in putting Twitter into their blogs, I’ll share with you my discovery — how to embed the Twitter badge into your SanrioTown blog! Click the link below to see the rest of the post!

As many of you might have noticed, you can’t just embed anything into your SanrioTown blog, but worry not! Here’s the code you can use to embed your Twitter flash badge (the first option, as seen in my “What am I doing?” page) into a blog post or page.Tutorial begins NOW.

Ready a page through your SanrioTown blog editor, name it whatever you want, and click the link to create your post in HTML.

When you log-in and go to your Twitter badges page (click), pick the last option that says “Other (We have Flash and HTML widgets that work on nearly any social network or web page.)”. After that, you have 3 options, pick the first one that says “Flash, Just Me”. Choose what color you like, and you will see a code like this:

follow GM Abby at

Now it looks complicated, but embedding into your site is really easy. First, only take note of the parts that are in bold letters. Then, take note of this base code:

follow XXXXX at

Now, this shorter code above the code you will be putting into your post or page. COPY IT, but take note of the parts in bold letters. You’ll see in my code, “color1=16750899″, you just need to put your own 8-digit number codes into the base code I provided, in place of the XXXXXXXX. For “color1=”, check the code provided by Twitter. For “type=user&id=”, check again. You may change the width and height if you want. Finally, replace the link URL and the name in the last line with your own.

I know it seems pretty technical, but just keep in mind that you only need to remember 4 values (6 including width and height, very much optional). Use the code provided as reference.

Voila! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here! Email is fine too. :]

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  1. Serenity Says:

    Hi Abby! Thanks for the code help. :P

    I followed you. ^^

  2. Says:

    Awesome! I followed you ;)
    My twitter is x3Ashley :)

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