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I’m sort of switching back to my old blog. :P

I don’t really update much now, so if you wanna keep reading my blog just go here:|

No haters please. >_>

I’m sick and tired of them, so just buzz off. =.=”

Bye everyone ^^;;

♥, Yuki


If you were to picture me in Math class, this would be how I’d look like.


After another “forever” of no updates, I’ve finally come back. :o

Another pic of yours truly. ;)

Cute, neh? ;D

Hope y’all like.

Later days.

♥, Yuki

^^; This post, is well…not related to art whatsoever. o_O This is about my dream I had just last night. xD I barely ever have dreams, but they’re usually worth listening to once I get one. [The name’s of these characters never really showed up in my dream, so I just made up the names…with the help of a Japanese-English dictionary. ^^;]


It’s midday. The weather is perfect for a walk outside, Yuri thought. She was on babysitting duty, unfortunately. “Hey kids, wanna go outside? It’s boring in here, so we should get some fresh air!”, she said sweetly. “YEAH~!!”, the kids bellowed. Everyone poured outside of the townhouse, the kids screaming and running around while Yuri tried to calm them.

After an hour of walking, Yuri started to have the feeling she got the kids lost. After all, this was a big complex with houses that all looked identical. As Yuri tried to find away to get the kids back to their house, behind her she heard a creaking sound. A door opened. The kids spun around and screamed, “It’s her!” A women with blood red hair stepped out of the house. She wore a black cloak around her whole body. Her curled red hair covered her entire face, sealing her identity. The women kept inching closer as the kids all ran away. Yuri froze, she had no idea what to do. The women was about to touch her, that’s when Yuri ran as fast as her legs could take her. She didn’t go far, she stumbled a lot and lost her breath. The kids were out of site, hiding somewhere in the complex. The women walked up to Yuri and bent down. She pushed her hair out of her face. Then, Yuri finally saw her face. It was pale white, like the snow she saw every winter.
Her eyes were jet black. The women looked beautiful, yet friendly. “I haven’t seen some one like you in a very long time.”, she finally spoke. “I sense a dark aura within you. I think…I think maybe you could be one of us.” Yuri was puzzled. “‘One of us’?”, Yuri asked. “You can’t keep that magic inside of you forever. I want to show you what it is-” Yuri cut her off. “And this ‘magic’ would be…?” The women paused for a moment.
“The Dark Arts.”
Yuri stared at her. “What are you? Some sort of witch?”, Yuri asked suspiciously.
“How did you know?”
She stared in fright.
“Don’t be frightened. I won’t turn you into a frog or anything.”, the women joked.
Yuri thought, “Man, this is so cool! A witch…standing right in front of me. Maybe she could be lying though…but why not give this a try? I really wanna know what kind of experience this is going to be like!”
“You think I’m a fake, don’t you?”, she smiled.
Yuri stared at her again. “How did you know that?”
The women didn’t answer. She put her hand and touched Yuri’s cheek. Yuri started to feel something. It started to tickle on her cheek.
“You’re a witch. This symbol on your cheek proves it.” A black crescent moon was on her cheek. “Do you want to be a true witch?”, the women asked.
Yuri nodded her head slowly.
“Alright, but this will sting a bit.”
Yuri shut her eyes tight.
The women slapped her on the moon and it turned red. “OW!!”, Yuri screeched.
Yuri’s clothes changed into a black and pink ensemble. “Weird. I was sure I put a navy blue hoodie on this morning.”
The women stood up.
“I’m Kusari. From now on, I will be your teacher and aid. If you’re going to be a witch, I must teach you about what’s most important.”
“Uhm…Yuri.”, she said timidly.

“Your first lesson. Fate.”
The two were in front of a house, painted sky blue. On the front lawn was a food bowl with a bag of dog food beside it.
“How is fate related to a dog and it’s food bowl?”
Kusari led Yuri to the window. Inside, a little girl in a frilled dress was playing with her dolls and dancing. As she danced she trashed the house and ruined everything. Her parents yelled at her to stop, but she continued to destroy her home.
“You see that child? Her whole life, she has payed no respect to anyone. She has made a big effect for everyone around her despite her age.”
“Yeah? She’s a bit of trouble. Not like she won’t change when she’s older.”
“She won’t. It’s best she gets what she deserves.”
Kusari turned around and stared at the bag of dog food. It started to float. Then, the food started to spill out. The food was making a trail. A trail to the restricted building near the girl’s house. The door of the sky blue house opened, and out jumped a fuzzy golden shepherd. It followed the trail.

A moment passed and the girl came running out. “Pam? Pam! Come back!”, she called.
The girl followed the trail.
“Go with her, Yuri.”, Kusari whispered.
Yuri followed. The food trail led to the restricted building. It was gray and looked like it wasn’t used for a long time. There were no windows on the building, only a small door. The girl walked up to it. “‘Base 1.50′”, it said on the door of the big building. She pushed the door open. It slammed behind her. Yuri felt a jolt inside her. It told her to run. She ran. She then realized she was going faster than she usually did. Yuri realized she was flying. She continued flying until she got back to the little girl’s house.
“She loved her dog and only wanted to be with her. Now she is. And she will die with it.”, Kusari murmured. A piercing scream came from the building.
Her parents came running outside. “Lora! Lora!”, the mother screamed.
“It came from Base 1.50!”, the father panicked.

“A young girl goes missing near Base 1.50. Parents report of her being led there. Details are currently unknown, if seen please report-” Yuri switched the TV off.
She put on her backpack and set off for school.
“At least nothing weird happens at school…”, Yuri rambled.

BRIIIING~!!! The school bell rang.
“Hey Yuri! Want to see something the Science Club found?”
“Sure, Jake. What is it?”
“I’m not sure, neither is the Science Club.”
“Sweet, let’s check it out!”
Yuri walked up to the Science class. “So guys, what do you think it is?”
“Eh, all we know is that it’s round and metallic. We think it might be made out of steel. The weird thing is, it makes this beeping sound. There’s also this red light that goes on and off.”
“Cool, can I-”, Yuri paused. The jolt came back. She had to leave the school. ASAP.
“Shoot, I gotta go. See you guys later!”, she said quickly.
Yuri took the emergency exit and ran out of the school. She then started flying back to her house. Once she reached her home, she heard a tremendous explosion behind her. The school had blown up. “What the?!”, Yuri screamed in alarm. She then realized. “That round metal thing…was a bomb.” Yuri collapsed on her knees and began to cry. A hand rested on her shoulder. Yuri looked up and saw Kusari above her, watching the explosion with gloomy eyes. “I thought something bad…was going to happen to me. Not to everyone inside…”, Yuri sobbed.
“Yuri, it’s not your fault. This is fate’s doing.”
“Bu - but you’re a witch, can’t you stop fate?”, Yuri asked hopefully.
“No one can come in the way of fate. Fate is what connects people, what creates something beautiful. It can do the exact opposite too.”, Kusari said solemnly.


Ok, this wasn’t meant to scare anyone. But I do admit, it sort of scared me. ^^;
It’s a really interesting dream I had in a long while. I might draw Kusari and Yuri.

Hope you like it, despite it’s cheesiness. xD



I watched Wall-E yesterday. :D

It was hilarious. ^^

So I decided to make some art. :P

On the left is Eve, and on the right is our lovable Wall-E. :3

He’s giving her a flower. xD

♥, Yuki



I’m oh-so-sorry I haven’t updated in like, a million years. T_T

But hey, I’m back!

You must be wondering why I was gone so long.

I was wasting time on Maple Story. xD =.= That mushroom is a Maple Story monster. o This little guy sort of represents Maple Story. o

Look at that fat mushroom! D Ain’t he cute?!

Also, my dream summer has come~!!!

I went to the beach today, so now Cinna-chan doesn’t have to hog the fun. >:3

Today’s been awesome!

♥, Yuki


T_T I want summer to come already~!!!

Here in Canada, it already feels like it’s fall. D:

Wah…if this cruddy weather gets in the way of my summer, then I’ll never get to visit the beach again this year. :’(

I want to go back to paradise… T.T

Cinnamoroll can sit in paradise…I can’t. D:

Ugh, I also want school to be over soon. :P

I’m getting bored of this lame school routine. =.= :P

Well, I’ll have to wait ’til my summer starts… :(

♥, Yuki


Thanks to Jazz fo this spunky idea of drawing two bros chilling out. ;)

This is like, my first digital drawing with two characters on it. :P

Up top is Cinna-chan, below is Cinna-T. :D

The difference between these two brothers is that Cinna has a swirly tail, but Cinna-T has a stubby one. :o Plus Cinna-T puts on more make-up…errr, paint or whatever. o_o

I hope you like it. ^.^

This will never happen with me and my brother. o_o NEVER. >:O


♥, Yuki


:O Cinnamoroll is evil now~!! xD

This is Cinna’s alter ego, Cinnatroll! [lame name, but better than Skully >_<]

Cinnatroll is made up by me. o_o Here’s her profile. ;)

Sup? Cinna-T here. I’m not your average, sweet, goody-two shoes pup, I’m a hardcore dawg that has style! Yes, I am a fan of Kuromi, she’s awesome! >:3 I may plan to get into her gang…eh, I’ll ask later on. :P

Even though I may look cute, I’m not. I like catching riffs on my guitar, shredding on my boards[Yuki’s Note: skateboard, surfboard and snowboard o_o :o ] and kicking back to some sweet jams. ;)

Of course, you must be thinking, “How are you even related to Cinna-chan then?” Well, he’s my older brother, cute and all. >_> He hogs all the attention which majorly ticks me off. >:[ I still respect my older bro, as a bro and a homey. :P

I’m stoked Yukino finally got the chance to reveal my kickin’ personality! ;) Now big bro won’t be such a hog anymore! Thanks, Yukino! Rock on. \m/^_^\m/

No prob, Cinna-T, ;) I’m glad you got your spotlight. ^O^

Good luck with meeting your role-model, Kuromi-chan! ^_^

Hope you like her!

♥, Yuki

Peace out … \m/


This one is my picture of Lizzy a.k.a. Spaz. I made up this character. :)


Haruhi in girl clothes. ^o^ Cute, sososo cute~!! xD


Haruhi in her uniform. :P


Tamaki posing for the camera. :P

Click the links above to see my pics. WAY to big to put full size. :P

I draw manga/anime SO much better with a pencil. :P

Hope you like. -^.^-

♥, Yuki


We all know quite a lot about this adorable little puppy, but do we know what cute ideas Cinnamoroll has in mind?

Here’s an insider on the mind of Cinnamoroll. ;)

Hope you like. ^.^

♥, Yuki

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