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Monday, July 16th, 2007

Hello to all you bloggers out there! I am so busy this week with
the Hello Kitty stuff and it left me with a little time to update
the blog (Give me a break!). Okay, enough with the complaints!!
Today I would like to talk a little bit about another one of our
super, duper, magnificent, adorable and creative episode~!!! Sorry
if it sounds idiotic, I thought I could use some exaggeration in
there! I have said this many times before, and I would like to
stress this again that good story is the soul to any cartoons! A
good story to me is something that should be creative and
entertaining. We always brainstorm for possible ideas for the next
episode and I can tell you the process is very fun! Sharing ideas
with your team members is a very good learning experience. No one
should do things alone. Team work is very essential to any
production studios!

This time we came up with an interesting idea. How about Hello
Kitty and her friends starring in a play? It’s a great idea! So we
came up with an old story that many of you have already heard, but
we did some editing in the plot so that it will be more
interesting! We called this episode “The Magic Chisel”! This time
Pocahocco will be the star of this show! I won’t say too much about
the plot because I am just going to spoil the fun. But what I can
tell you is a little bit about Pochacco himself.

In this cartoon, we have created a distinctive personality for all
the main characters. For example, Badz’ Maru is always the naughty
and he likes to show off all the time, Daniel is always the wise
and mature one in the group and Keroppi is the little Einstein who
likes to invent things. For Pochacco, he is very kind and innocent.
He always hangs out with Badz Maru and likes to sleep all the time.
In my personal opinion, I think Pochacco has one of the most
adorable personality in the group. Maybe I am more of a dog person
=P Anyways, this episode is really funny and you guys out there
better not miss this!


Copyright 2007 Sanrio Digital (Hong Kong) Ltd. All rights reserved.



Friday, July 6th, 2007


This episode is about Hello Kitty and her friends got lost in the forsest. Guess who was responsible? ……..XO!!!!  That’s right, he is in trouble again!







Copyright 2007 Sanrio Digital (Hong Kong) Ltd. All rights reserved.

And this time he is responsible for finding the way home! Will he succeed? You’ll find out when this cartoon is aired internationally. So keep your eyes and ears open for any up coming informations about the release date! Later~


Kitty in Space

Friday, July 6th, 2007

In this TV series, we always try to come up with stories that would be interesting and fun to watch. Most of the time we would try to come up with something new everytime, and that the audiences haven’t seen before. Kitty in space is one of them. This is one of most interesting episode where Hello Kitty and her friends are exploring in space. I am not going to say too much about the plot as you guys and girls will see this very soon. But I will promise you that you will enjoy this episode as much as we do!


Copyright 2007 Sanrio Digital (Hong Kong) Ltd. All rights reserved.


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