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Animation VS Storyboard

Friday, June 29th, 2007

I would like to take a little moment again to thanks all of you for visiting this blog and leaving us comments. We are glad that you guys and gals like the stuff we talked about.

So for today, I would like to show all you Hello Kitty Fans out there a special treat that we have put together recently. Before you go on and click play below, I would like to explain a few things. What you are about to see in the clip consist of two things, the Storyboard and animations. We have put them side by side so that you can see what is going on in the storyboard and how we turned it in 3D.

Just providing a little background information, this episode is called Hide and Seek and we’re just showing one of the scene where Keroppi found XO in a little room. The clip is a little over a minute long and we hope you will enjoy this video~! Till next time~

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Behind the Skin?

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Hi guys and gals~ First off, I would like to thank Raeining for choosing this for a feature blog, it was very nice of you! I started to notice that people are really interested in the behind the scene stuff! So from now on I will try to post some interesting topic for all you bloggers =D Thankyou for visiting this blog! Anyways, let’s get back to some serious stuff~(lol)

Today, I would like to talk about Animation. Basically the whole Hello Kitty 3D stuff is all about the animations. We are making Hello Kitty and her friends coming ALIVE!! Creepy huh? J/K! I am an animator and to me, bringing life to a character is one of the most exciting part of the animation process. I won’t go very deep in this topic because I know most of you won’t understand a thing I say and so I will just talk abit about the surface stuff. In the picture, you see two things, on the right you see the Hello Kitty model and  on the left you will see the “Skeleton” of Hello Kitty. In order to make Hello Kitty move, we animate the skeleton. The skeleton is like the bones for hello kitty. Without them, Kitty will not be able to move. 


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Ok..I think it’s beginning to sound boring and so I will just end it right now. If there are anything you guys would like to know about this TV series, please let me know and I will try to come up with a blog for it! Ok then…later all..!

Sound Production

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Last time I’ve talked a bit about storyboards and I see there are
fans out there who are interested to hear about them. Today I just
want to take a bit of time and talk about another production
process, and it is sound production. No matter how beautiful and
cute they are, without sound, it would be pretty much pointless.
Trust me, I have been watching every episode 100 times without any
music or sound effect!! It was TOUGH! Well, you get my point.
Anyways, we have a musician from Hollywood that does all the music
for this TV series. Every single episode has a theme music to it
and let’s not forget that we also have music videos as well!! Also,
voice talents play an important role in the sound production. They
are responsible for the voice of Hello Kitty and the rest of the
crew. Not only do they act out the voice, they also need to sing in
the music videos! It’s very impressive and I am very glad to work
with all these talented people! Here’s a photo we took when we
were in the sound studio. Enjoy!

Copyright 2007 Sanrio Digital (Hong Kong) Ltd. All rights reserved.

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XO in his natural habitat

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

We have an episode specially dedicated to XO(again)… “March of the XO”!! We all find this episode very fun to make because this story takes place in Antarctica! FYI, we had a lot of stories taking place in school and in the playground and therefore we needed some place else for a change =D We took a lot of effort in researching for reference on the icy places in the world such as Antarctica, North, and South Pole when we were designing the location. We have also designed a big coat for Badtz Maru as well, and it looks very cute on him! I don’t want to expose too much of the story and so all I got to say is see it for yourself when this TV series come out sometime next year~!

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A Penny for your thoughts

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

One of the most important aspect in this project is story. You’ve probably heard this phrase before "Story is King". This phrase has been mentioned numerous times in the pass by people from Pixar. It is very true that a good story will guarantee a first place in the box office. Therefore, we try to come up with good story for each and every episode of Hello Kitty to ensure that the audience will enjoy watching them. I would like to take some time here to talk about one of the production process that we use on this TV series, storyboard. Storyboard is important because animators will need directions when they are animating the characters. A storyboard provide a lot of in formations such as camera angles and movement, character poses, scripts, and timing. Therefore, a storyboard is like a blueprint of the final product and it is important that we establish a good storyboard before we start animating. Here is an example of a storyboard..

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Sanrio’s Own Superhero

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Superman? Spiderman? I am sure everyone needs a hero. In this Hello
Kitty TV series, we have introduced our very own super hero….XO
MAN! XO man will play a very important role in this TV series and
therefore you will see him in his XO man form from time to time!
Ready for some XO man action?

Copyright 2007 Sanrio Digital (Hong Kong) Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Our trailer at

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Today, the number of views to our offical trailer posted on has reached over 100,000. The rating is 4 stars… Not bad!

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Make me taller!

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

I remember when I was in elementary school back then, most of the kids are taller than me. It was terrible! I always wish I can be 6 feet tall and then I can make people jealous of my height! =P. Well, that was many years ago.

Currently, we are working on an episode of the Hello Kitty Animation that is about Keroppi finding ways to make himself taller. Coincidence? I think not!

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