超♥かわいい ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ LOOKING FOR HKO FRIENDS ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★

Looking for friends from all around the globe,
regardless of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc, etc…
you get my point… ヾ(^∇^)ー♪

MY INTERESTS: Gaming(mmorpg/fps). Anime. Manga.
Music(r&b/hiphop/kpop/jpop). Asian pop culture.
Everything & anything kawaii~* Major cuteholic.
(Obviously Sanrio… but also all those cute lil Asian character goodiez)



This is my first time playing a mmorpg alone (w/o RL friends)… So I thought I’d give this blog thang a try and maybe make some new online friends. ^^ This is also my first ‘game-blog’ and I think it might be helpful (to myself) to note things… since there seems to be a whole lot of stuff I’m going to have to learn… ∑(o_o;)

The towns and outdoor areas are… a lil difficult to travel around at first (dead-ends arggh)… being directionally-challenged doesn’t help matters. (*。_。)

I really want to get to Tokyo City since it’s Cinna-land ^^ but haven’t figured out how to get there just yet… (・-・)?

I used to be a big fan of cute ‘farming/collecting’ games like Harvest Moon & Animal Crossing. So… I’ve been waiting a loOong time for something like HKO to come along… Especially since I’m a total Sanrio freak~* !! (*≧▽≦)

♥ GAME: HKO Founder’s BETA


♥ NEW AREAS: Sanrio Port (start point). Sanrio Harbour. Florapolis. South Dream Forest.

♥ INGAME SUMMARY: Been farming in Sanrio Port and the areas right outside of Florapolis (forgot the area names…) Mostly some flowers and trees/shrubs… ^^: Did some quests in Sanrio Port & Florapolis. Was able to purchase a Lv.4 axe from a buy/sell NPC from the money I made from farming & quest rewards. After getting the axe, was able to go to South Dream Forest to chop up some tree trunks. ^^


Visible GMs who chat with players on the main general chat.

★ There seems to be some kind of Red-Flag System (bad language, player harassment, the usual….) But I was a lil surprised at the ‘censorship’ level… I was reading the general chat and words like gay, lesbian, bi, and asexual was used and the GM gave one of the players a red-flag warning. There was no direct sexual or inappropriate dirty talk… so there seems to be some kind of ‘gray’ area as to what kind of topics can be openly discussed on the general chat area. This is somewhat expected since… all in all… HK is loved by all ages especially children (and some cultures are uncomfy talking about such topics in the open).

★ Well so far, just from observing the general chat - I feel like the atmosphere is alot more friendly than FFXI or other MMOs… less competitive/hostile - whatever you wanna call it. Possibly because the online community is made up of mostly female and there seems to be no PvP… (can’t really tell who’s male or female just by looking at the screenames & character appearance - since some females can choose male characters & have ungirly SNs)… Maybe it will be different once I join a guild but from the looks of it so far… even if I was to join a guild - I don’t think it’s for competition against other guilds like FFXI but more like an online community thang… In some ways I think this makes a game less addicting but it def. takes the stress out of gaming ^^

★ I wish the characters (your characters not the Sanrio NPCS) were cuter… Honestly, I was a lil disappointed ; ; and I wish there were more options to individualize and dress-up your character…

Money-making is freakin slow on HKO (or maybe it’s been too long since I started a new game…). I used to play FFXI but quit more than a year ago… Was thinking about maybe returning to the game since my character still exists… but I’ve been gone so long and all… The time and effort it takes to create and maintain an online character is seriously ‘a waste of time’ (even if you’re a game lover like myself)… This was one of the main reasons why I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start playing HKO… Don’t have as much time and the desire to stay ingame for endless hours… and starting all over again from scratch is hard in most mmorpgs especially if you’re solo’in it…

★ Past the first (or was it the first two outdoor areas…) I found out the monsters aggro. So I had to town it like 10 or so times while farming since I didn’t have a wand to fight them off. (´・ω・`) There are lil glowing hk-faces that let you teleport to and from town… But I wish you were able to open up tele-portals like in D2 LoD so you could get back to the exact spot you were farming at… It’s a pain in the ass to walk all the way to where you were farming, from the telepo-kitty face which is basically at the entrance of the area… And since controlling your character isn’t as natural and easy as in FFXI but oh well…

★ When soloing, HTH was not a combat option even for a Lv.1 monster. I may be wrong but the only time I was able to kill something via HTH was when I was attacking the same monster with another player who had a wand… I’m hoping once I start killing monsters, the drops will make money-making a lot easier… /sigh. I just hope the low lvl monster drops are worth more than 1gold a piece. (-_-;)

★ Which brings me to… apparently you can kill the same monster as another player w/o having to be in a PT with them… (I don’t know how the EXP is calculated just yet…) And I apologize to the player whom I unknowingly leeched EXP off of (rig