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FB* Xmas Reunion 2008

December 22nd, 2008 by

Items obtained from the new NYC Xmas quests & the new items mall^^





November 9th, 2008 by

Oh~~* HKO F*Beta just ended ; ;

So this will be my last entry for my ‘HKO F*BETA GAME LOG’ category.

When I logged in today I saw a new name on our guild list^^ A new member (Dippy)  invited by Debbie joined our guild at the last minute so I spent my last 15minutes chatting with her while we waited for HKO F*Beta to close down…  It’s too bad D and Romi couldn’t be there with us but it’s all good heh… we’ll be seeing each other in… hopefully a few weeks…  I logged off in the outside area where they set up Hkitty’s bday party last time - but something tells me we might all be at Sanrio Harbour when we login hehe…. who knows… Well~* see you guys in open beta then… and for those who are STbloggers - i’ll continue seeing you via blog ^^v


November 7th, 2008 by

So Debbie wanted to know how to train your pet in HKO & it was something i didn’t know how to do myself so i did alil research and here is the answer (well not complete answer but it should answer some of your questions… hopefully ^^;)

“Pets are one of the most important features of Hello Kitty Online. You acquire pets by defeating monsters that have a small chance of dropping pet cards. When you have a pet card, you may call upon the services of that pet. You can carry up to three pet cards, which will let you summon and train those pets. Pets carry items for you in their own inventory and provide buffs, enhancing your stats. If you want your pet to be stronger, you will have to feed it regularly and use Pet Training Cards on it. Your pet will enjoy increases in stats such as power, defense, etc. which in turn will enhance the buff you get from your pet. Each player also has a pet collection, so if you find a good pet card you can store it in your own version of a pet bank.”

I don’t know if all monsters drop a petcard… and need to figure out how and where to get pet training cards…  So until then… food is what makes your pets happy ^^


Starrfire7 Posted on: 7 Nov 2008 03:40
Topic: Re: What does the whistle Icon on a pet stand for?

The number beside the whistle icon is the “Training Points”. U gain 1 point with every lvl your pet gains.

In CB, we were able to buy training cards with different skills to train our pets, but each card requires a different number of points to use.

We will prob see the full pet system in the OB :)

Food-For-Friends Charity Drive 2008

November 6th, 2008 by

Ok so after like going through 3-5GMs + 2unanswered Emails + waiting endlessly for the GM to get back to me which ended with a no show… Today when I logged in, I finally got a hold of GM-Abby again and finally managed to get permission for my guild to join the FFF charity drive ^^ yay!!

So they said my guild can’t ‘join the race’ between the guilds for the ‘end reward’ since our registration is late but they said they will allow us to participate and donate food~*  

If you can tell from my previous posts, I so so wanted to be able to take part in this charity event heh ^^:  I am so thankful that Debbie and Romi joined the guild on time cuz it was a lot of work and I couldn’t have done it without them and would have fell asleep half way through if it wasn’t for Debbie chatting with me while we were getting the food ready…

So Debbie did most of the out-of-town ingredient collecting and also donated some ingredients she had stashed in her warehouse from before… I did most of the cooking and farming.  Romi was busy today so she supported our in-town ingredient purchases with 5000gold.  We farmed, mined, killed monsters, gathered, cooked all day today… I was ingame for about 14hours straight minus meal breaks… We were going in and out of our farms like idk how many times hehe dropping by each other’s farms to drop off ingredients etc… it was a lot of work but a lot of fun too.  Well the ingame activities were a bit repetitious but the convo between D & I - was just too entertaining heh-  which made it that much more fun hehe.

While waiting for GM-Calealen to drop by my farm to pick up our food, I took a ss of Tokidoki’s donation for the FFF Charity Drive 2008 ^^

15 Salvia biscuits. 27 Grilled corn. 66 Ordinary bread. 45 Honey drink. 35 Black tea. 36 Roast vegetables. 55 Tea with honey. 85 Strawberry cake. 307 Carrot biscuit. 235 Lemon pie.

I think we did alright for a guild with 3members ^^.  Thank you Debbie for your hard work today & thank you Romi for the donation - i don’t think we would have been able to cook up  this much food if it wasn’t for your donation ^^: This event left me flat broke but it was an opportunity to do something nice - and ingame money can always be made so yay~*

HKO DAY 15~18

November 4th, 2008 by

Ok so I was really busy IRL & in-game for the past few days…  I don’t really like disclosing my RL stuff via blog so I will just update my ingame life~* 

1. I finally completed my ‘The Rolling Burry’s Ball <2>’

2. Crafted a Roarer Top for myself and some friends.  Feel free to PM if you want one crafted.

3. Finally got a red broom after killing lizards for about 8hours (not all in 1day heh ^^:)

4. Made a new HKO friend - Debbie - who kept me from falling asleep while out farming for hours - love talking to her~*

5. Met iheartbadtz ingame for the first time ^^ Saw her leaving the zone (London) so I PM’d her and forced her to come back heh~*

6. Went to Hello Kitty’s birthday party. hehe  What this event made me realize is that a guild is a HKO necessity…  I thought I could live without a guild but it was difficult to participate in some of the bday games and also you need one to participate in some of the HKO events like the ‘Guild Competition: Build New York’ & ‘Food for Friends Charity Event’… 

7. So after thinking and farming for a total of 25hours I decided to make a guild.  I’m just going to post here and on the forum to let people know the guild exists but will not be actively seeking members ingame since I want to keep the guild small…

My guild is called TOKiDOKi - to be exact…「Toκidoκi」♥†

And our sanrio guardian is cinnamoroll (since there was no Kuromi ; ;) … I think I’m going to change our guardian to Kuromi if they add her to the guardian list when the game officially launches…  Another 30k to farm up >.< 

Oh yeah I named the guild 초かわいい (which translates to something along the line of "So/super cute!" in Korean+Japanese)… but realized there already was a guild named Super Cute…. So I had to make another… 30k down the drain… I’ve been working my ass off to make money fast so I could participate in the ‘Food for Friends Charity Event’ so I was just going to leave it as the first name but honestly… wanted to prevent drama in case someone thought the guild names were too similar - and also the fact that there are times ingame when GMs announce guild names and it would be easier for them to type in English…

Eh~* if i can whip up another 30k in a day.. or two… then i might remake the guild since it didn’t turn out the way i wanted it too… this would be the third time…i’m seriously getting tired of making money… heh ; ;


* ‘Guild Competition: Build New York’ : I’m going to have to sit this one out since the guild doesn’t have enough members yet…

* ‘Food for Friends Charity Event’ : I’m going to see if I can enter it alone and donate as much as I can since the whole point of creating the guild was so I could participate in this event^^v (I hope I can grab Debbie before the event ends so I ask her to participate with me~*)


November 1st, 2008 by

The Happy Bday Event can be done without a guide.  Just start with Choco @ Florapolis and the event-npcs will send you back and forth delivering stuff.  You’ll need lv.3 cooking though to bake Hellokitty a bday cake.  And alil money to buy the ingredients for the cake but you get most of that back while doing the event - so don’t worry~*  I hope I get to see Hellokitty at her bday party but since she’s not on 24/7 I’m probably gonna miss her but we’ll see…

Hkitty bday 2008

 hkitty bday partyroom 2008

juicy with cinna & purin @ refrshmt table hkbday2008


October 30th, 2008 by


  • Preferably Lv. 15+
  • After getting the 4 event items - take a screenshot of your inventory containing the Liberty Key (with tooltip) and send it to
  • The email subject should read Liberty Key
  • The screenshot should contain your character info page opened – so that we can get your in-game name.


    PARIS -  START NPC: Keroleen (center)

    * WEST DREAM FOREST - Webster (left middle) Spider

    * EAST OF DREAMLAND - Eagor (bottom center) Eagle

    * WEST OF FLORAPOLIS VALLEY - Speedy (upper left) Hedgehog

    * MIDDLE SECRET PEAK - Lobo (upper right) Wolf



    1. The event monster looks no different from normal mobs except their level #20.

    2. If someone dies while killing the event monster and the event monster is still alive… finish it off - this will not give you the drop - wait a second or two and the event monster will respawn (in full HP) - kill it and you will get the event item.

    3. There is a line - (literally a visible line, you will see characters standing in line, if you don’t know where the line ends, you should ask) - there is a short 2~5mins (I didn’t time it so I’m not sure…)  between pops so - you need to wait your turn to kill the event monster.


    I’m stressing the line thing b/c I made an ass of myself…

    I had just accepted the event from Keroleen and started making guesses as to where the event monsters could be found…  My first one was Eagor since it’s so similar to eagle and I knew exactly where those were so… I headed out to East of Dreamland… Entered the zone and walked around the zone and found a group of people in one area… Ok so I figured this is probably the area where it spawns or they are taking a screenshot together…. People were just killing random eagles in that area… so when an eagle popped in front of me - I killed it and another one so I killed that one too… While killing the second one someone else jumped in to kill the monster with me… I figured people were ‘clearing the area’ for the event mob pop so they don’t get aggro while killing Eagor…

    After the second monster died a message popped up saying I had gotten Eagor’s collar… and I was like wtf? I guess the mob isn’t labeled Eagor (I thought I had gotten the event item by killing randomly in the area where eagles spawned)…But then I get a ‘Juicy that was rude’ - and I didn’t know what was going on… Then she (Sailoria) went on to say I took her mob… I was still confused… Then she explained there was a line for the mob… I felt like an ass… ; ;  I had walked into the zone and was just killing stuff randomly and the second monster happened to be Eagor… I apologized to her for being so unaware of my surroundings and not knowing there was a line. This isn’t my first online game but I can’t remember a time when I literally stood in line to wait my turn to kill a mob in a game so… I made a stupid mistake.  Thankfully she was really cool about it.  Thank you Sailoria.  My apologies…

    I’m level 22 right now and the event mobs are lv.20… I think one of the reasons I hadn’t realized I had killed Eagor was that the mob wasn’t as hard as I had expected it to be… I think maybe it took about maximum 5 or so more seconds to kill Eagor than to kill a snake or boar outside Paris…  Second reason is that Eagor’s name isn’t even in bold or different color (and like I mentioned before, they don’t look different or bigger in size…)  So unless you look closely you can just walk off thinking you had killed another eagle rather than the event monster…

  • So feeling crappy I went on to my second event monster which was Speedy but the line (yes, now I know there’s a line)  was really long so I skipped it and went onto search for Webster… The line was short so I waited my turn but the person in front of me (Helga) died during her turn ; ;  I killed it off then waited for the respawn and got my event item…. To make up for the stupid mistake I had made I offered to help Helga kill the event monster.  I am not 100% sure about how drop distribution works in HKO so I just told her to engage the mob first then I kill half of it and then she finishes it off… That way she can be the first person who engages the mob and the person who gets the last hit in… Since those are the 2ways drop distribution usually work… and Helga got her event item~*  Argggh but I still feel like an ass…

    I’ll try to help others as much as I can today to make up for my stupid mistake…


    Regarding drop distribution:

    So… I’m helping this person (Chibi Lv.16) right now… tried killing Speedy like 5times heh cuz the drop kept coming to me …. got his drop in 1try with Eagor… and going for round#3 on Webster right now…. this is the best way to do it if you’re helping someone with drops… Have them attack it first… have them stay engaged on the monster while you kill it… and let them get the last hit in.  The last hit thingy is a lil iffy…. not 100% positive…


    I’m helping Chibi with Lobo right now… I think maybe level requirement of Lv.15 is alil low… if other monsters aggro while you’re killing Lobo even for a lv.23  it was close… I was killing Lobo and had 2wolves on me and I had to eat a strawberry cake just in case towards the end…  Well I’m done with the event so good luck everyone~* and feel free to message me ingame for help if you need it. ^^


    Ok figured it out finally haha…

    1. Person A engages monster first.

    2. Person B jumps in and starts killing the same monster (while Person A is still engaged)

    3. Person B disengages.

    4. Person A gets the last hit in.

    5. Person A gets item.

    HKO DAY 14.5

    October 29th, 2008 by

    2posts today because Juicy got her pet today ^^  Well (this is embarrassing but…) I’m posting it just in case it helps somebody (clueless like myself ^^:)… So Juicy got her pet like almost 8~10days ago if I remember correctly -  but up until today, I didn’t know how to bring out the pet ; ;  So today was the first time Juicy got to play with her blue puppy and feed her~* So for those who don’t know how to bring out your pet that you got from Anthony’s quest….

    This helpful mini pet-guide was posted by Treize(HKO Shadow) on the forums:

    * Right-click the petcard to equip it.

    * Press E to bring up the pet menu.

    * Click the icon ABOVE the ‘drop-icon’ to bring out your pet & have it follow you around.

    * Don’t click the ‘drop-icon’ = drop sets your pet free so you lose your pet.

    * While your pet is out it will need to be fed.

    * Pets no longer need to be fed when they are not ‘out’ (visibly out) with you.

    * You can get pet food (jellies) from monster drops or buy pet biscuits from the Material NPC.

    * To feed your pet = Just eat the food while having your pet out.

    HKO DAY14

    October 29th, 2008 by

    My update on the RBB2 quest…

    The Rolling Burry’s Ball (2):
    *30 Soft Bark - 30/30
    *50 Thorny Vine - 50/50
    *40 Grey Crystal - 40/40
    *60 Brown Shining Fragments - 60/60
    *60 White Shining Fragments - 40/60
    *Forging lv4 - done
    *Crafting lv6 - done

    HKO DAY 11~13

    October 29th, 2008 by

    Just a short update today…
    Haven’t been playing much - just been loggin in for about 2-3hours a day to work on the quest… Still working on the RBB2 quest… Drops are taking forever… A random person asked to be friends today ^^ - Remiipop - haven’t talked to her yet since I was getting ready to logoff so…

    My update on the RBB2 quest…

    The Rolling Burry’s Ball (2):
    *30 Soft Bark - 30/30
    *50 Thorny Vine - 50/50
    *40 Grey Crystal - 28/40
    *60 Brown Shining Fragments - 38/60
    *60 White Shining Fragments - 27/60
    *Forging lv4 - done
    *Crafting lv6 - lv4

    Character Level: 22

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